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John Cunningham from Coldwell Banker and David Swartz of Advantage Inspection Service discuss possible problems with a home as a result of hail damage. Hail very frequently damages roofs, siding and air conditioners.

During a hail storm, asphalt roofs can loose a large percentage of the mineral granules that protect the underlying asphalt. This shortens the life of the shingles, resulting in the need for replacement of the roof. Spanish tile, concrete tile and flat roofs can also be damaged by hail. Any type of roofing damage can result in water damage to your home during heavy rain or the need to replace the roof prematurely.

If the hail is large enough, even stucco siding can become a victim of hail damage, especially on corners and edges around windows. Other types of siding are even more susceptible to hail damage. A thorough inspection of all of the siding will uncover any problems resulting from hail damage, cracking, rot or lack of proper paint protection.

Dents in the aluminum fins on the coils on outside air conditioner condenser units can reduce its efficiency, which can in turn raise a home’s electrical bills. The fins on outside air conditioner units should always be free from dents and free from clogged debris.

A thorough home inspection will uncover and disclose these types of issues, which can affect the final negotiations for a home sale. Advantage Inspection Service has been performing professional home inspections in the Phoenix area since 1988. They pride themselves on providing timely, accurate, and highly professional home inspection services.

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