Home Inspection Quiz

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1. Home Inspectors are licensed by?

A.    Registrar of Contractors
B.    A.S.H.I.
C.    B.T.R.
D.    A.D.E.Q

C - The Arizona Board of Technical Registration
2. Every home inspector is required to carry Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Yes or No

No - They may carry a $25,000 bond which exposes the client and agents to risk because the bond will not pay without a court judgement and the costs of obtaining a judgement can often exceed the bond amount - you want an inspector that carries comprehensive insurance (we do)
3. All home inspectors are required to have continuing education?

Yes or No

No - But ASHI does (20 hours of continuing education each year)
4. Home Inspectors are required to inspect the following items?

A.     Dishwasher
B.     Range/Oven
C.     Cook top stove
E.     Refrigerator
F.     Washer and Dryer
G.     All of the above
H.     None of the above

H - The Standards do not require home inspectors to inspect appliances but inspection of built-in kitchen appliances is an industry norm (we do)
5. Home Inspectors are required to inspect the pool and spa?

Yes or No

No - Home inspectors are not required to inspect the pool and spa but many do for an additional fee (we do)
6. Home Inspectors are required to inspect the irrigation systems?

Yes or No

No - Home inspectors are not required to inspect the irrigation system (we do check lawn sprinklers)
7. Home Inspectors will not test the A/C unit if the temperatures have been below 65° because?

A.    The home inspector's code of ethics does not require it.
B.    Inspectors do not like testing A/C units.
C.    This may damage the reversing valve on the unit.
D.    The manufacturer does not recommend it.

D - Unit manufacturers have determined that risk of physical damage to an A/C unit can occur if run at temperatures below 65 degrees F.
8. Home Inspectors can deliver the report to an agent without the buyers signature?

Yes or No

No - A signed contract is required prior to report delivery
9. Home Inspectors are required to report on:

A.    Mold
B.    Termites
C.    Insects
D.    Moisture stains

D - Signs of abnormal condensation or moisture must be reported
10. Arizona's most professional inspection firm is?

A.    Advantage Inspection Service
B.    Everyone else

A - Of course