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Learn from the best! We have performed over 125,000 inspections and have trained hundreds of home inspectors locally. We help provide the in-field parallel inspections in compliance with Arizona state licensing requirements. You have a number of our inspectors to choose from, all with extensive experience. Don’t delay, get started on your new career today.

For more information see and call (602) 899-2280 or email today for pricing and further details.

Here are some specific reasons to choose us for your Arizona Parallel Inspections:

  • We provide the reporting system and BTR record-keeping software so you don’t need to rush to purchase a system and struggle to make it meet the Arizona Standards.
  • Obtain your required parallel inspections quickly on actual inspections with expert inspectors having no less than 500 inspections under their belt.  See the entire inspection process, these are not mock inspections.
  • If you choose, you can ride-along with two different inspectors to get varying perspectives.
  • Our workload allows for many appointment slots so obtaining parallels can better fit into your schedule.
  • We normally schedule no more than 2 trainees per inspection so you get the attention you deserve.
  • We have been providing parallel inspection training since 2003 and have helped on parallels for hundreds of satisfied inspectors.
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