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This Phoenix home inspection video tip from Advantage Inspection Service shows you how to hang large pictures and mirrors with hooks already attached to the back. If you have a large picture that has a hanging wire attached to the back, the same technique can be used if you insert the screw-in anchors four to six inches toward the middle from the left and right edges of the picture.

Tools & Materials Needed

  • Pencil.
  • Painter’s tape.
  • Level.
  • Phillips screwdriver.
  • Plastic screw-in drywall anchors. We like the type of screw-in anchors shown in the video because they are easy to use and support a lot of weight, plus they don’t pull out of the wall under a heavy load like other types of plastic anchors. This type of drywall anchor is available at any hardware store. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package.

Steps To Remove Carpet

  1. Position the picture or mirror approximately where you want it mounted on the wall.
  2. Use a pencil or small piece of painter’s tape to mark the location of one of the hooks.
  3. Attach a strip of painter’s tape to the back of the picture or mirror. Do not press hard on the tape. Apply the tape with light pressure.
  4. Place marks on the tape that line up with the hooks on the back of the picture or mirror.
  5. Remove the tape and place it horizontally on the wall. Align one of the marks from the previous step with the pencil mark or tape you applied in step 2. Use a level to make sure the tape is level horizontally.
  6. Screw the plastic anchors into the wall using the Phillips screwdriver. The anchors should be almost flush with the wall surface.
  7. Insert screws into the anchors. Don’t screw them in all the way. They should stick out 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch from the wall.
  8. Hang the picture or mirror hooks on the screws.

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