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This series of household repair tips and tricks videos shows you some of the best simple tricks from the Phoenix home inspectors at Advantage Inspection Service. Watch the video to see how you could save time and money by discovering a better way to perform common household repair tasks.

Household Tips Covered in This Video

Finding a small item lost in carpeting is much easier if you attach a nylon stocking (also called hosiery) to the end of a vacuum hose. Secure it with a rubber band. Then slowly start vacuuming to area where you lost the item, while frequently checking the nylon stocking. The nylon stocking acts as a filter and wil trap any small items. You most likely will quickly find the lost item, as well as other small items previously buried in the carpet.

Use crumpled newspaper instead of paper towels to clean windows. Newspaper works just as well and is not as expensive as paper towels. In fact, once you’ve read the newspaper, it’s essentially free. Here’s a nifty trick. When cleaning glass, use a horizontal side-to-side motion on the outside and a vertical and up-and-down motion o the inside. If there are any streaks, you can can easily tell which side of the glass requires additional cleaning.

When mounting an item with very specific mounting holes on a wall, it can be very difficult to get the mounting screws placed correctly. An easy way to resolve this issue is to photocopy, or scan and print, the back side of the device. This creates a template that can be held to the wall to identify exactly where the holes for mounting screws need to be drilled. You can use small nails each centered where a mounting screw needs to go to mark the wall for drilling.

When you have a shirt or sweater that will not stay on a hangar, wrap pipe cleaners around the ends of the hangar. Your shirts and sweaters will no longer slip off.

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