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This series of household repair tip videos shows you some of the best tips from the Phoenix home inspectors at Advantage Inspection Service. Watch the video to see how you could save time and money by learning how to do something a little different and hopefully smarter than the current method you use.

Repair Tips Covered in This Video

Cleaning up a messy paint can can be frustrating. Use a rubber band to help avoid the mess normally associated with cleaning up a paint can. Just stretch a large rubber band around the can and across the open top. Use the rubber band to wipe excess paint from a brush, rather than the edge of the can. This avoids the drips and messy cleanup normally required when the lip of the paint can fills with paint. It also avoids the splatter that normally occurs when pounding a lid back in place with paint remaining in the lip at the top of the can. Yes, we have all done this.

Old toilet paper and paper towel rolls can be used to keep wrapping paper from unrolling. Wrapping paper can be expensive. Slicing a paper towel roll and wrapping ii around the wrapping paper keeps the wrapping paper neatly on the roll and avoids damage and waste.

A simple loose knot prevents extension cords and plugs from slipping apart while you are using power tools. This allows you to move around more freely, while avoiding the frustration of having to re-connect cords because they become disconnected.

Use a clothes pin to hold small nails while hammering them into a wall or starting them into wood. Anyone who has tried tapping small nails while holding them in your fingers probably remembers how painful a miss can be.

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