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Whether you are looking to purchase a brand new home or a vintage property in Arizona or anywhere else, you know you need to have it inspected for potential problems. Things that may not be obvious to the untrained eye can otherwise put a dent in your budget and affect how you enjoy your home during years to come. Professional Arizona home inspectors are licensed, trained, and highly experienced in evaluating a variety of properties.

Commonly, a brand new home is inspected during development, after the property is completed and then it is sometimes inspected around 10 to 11 months after the first residents have moved in. If you are buying a new home, an inspection is important for several reasons. An amateur may interpret that the property is in immaculate condition, but trained Arizona home inspectors can look deeper into the structure and systems to ensure nothing serious has been completed incorrectly during construction. In addition to looking for major problems, inspectors also go over fits and finishes. This includes excessive cracking of walls, reversed hot and cold water lines, incompatible electrical breakers and more. Inspecting a new home is important for safety but also to ensure you get the smaller things fixed under your warranty.

When it comes to a resale property, Arizona home inspectors look at slightly different areas. They survey your property for potential problems that are the results of years of wear and tear – or in some cases come from faulty home improvements done by incompetent contractors. Just like with a new home, a resale home needs to be inspected no matter how perfect it may look.

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