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Water Softener Failure

water softener failure

I am getting these colored beads coming out of faucets in my home. What is the cause?

Great Question! You must have a water softener at the home. There are resin beads within the water softener and the membrane or screen inside the unit that contains the beads must have ruptured, allowing the beads to travel throughout the supply piping. This is a rare event, but it does happen, and the photo shows the evidence perfectly. Another indicator is a reduction in flow to faucets and fixtures because they get clogged with the small beads.

Next Step

The next step is to call a licensed plumber to repair, replace or abandon the water softener and flush the supply piping system. These beads often find their way to the screens (aerators) at faucets, into the flow restrictors at shower heads, etc. and cause clogs throughout the system. Be sure to also have the dishwasher and clothes washer checked for clogs and flush as required. Finally, don’t forget to have the water heater and all other water using appliances drained and flushed.

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