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John Cunningham from Coldwell Banker and David Swartz of Advantage Inspection Service discuss problems with polybutelene plumbing found in many homes built from the nmid-1980s through the mid 1990s. During the home inspection process it is important to identify that polybutelene plumbing has been used in a home due to the wide range of problems typical if this now obsolete plumbing method.

Polybutelene plumbing can be problematic because of its tendency to leak at joints and even along piping runs. Polybutelene plumbing experiences high failure rates over time, which can result in extensive water damage to a home. If you home that you wish to purchase contains this type of plastic plumbing, you will want to know that before you purchase the home. A home can experience problems with this type of plumbing in the future even if it was installed correctly by a professional plumber. When problems are discovered, the only practical solution may be a complete re-piping of the home.

Advantage Inspection Service has been in business since 1988 and prides themselves on providing timely, accurate, and highly professional home inspection services. Advantage offers home inspection services for homes throughout Phoenix and the surrounding area. In order to avoid problems that may not be found until after a home sale has been completed, it pays to have a thorough home inspection performed prior to the sale.

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