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John Cunningham from Coldwell Banker and David Swartz of Advantage Inspection Service discuss how to select a Phoenix area home inspector.

  1. Get advice form your agent. Agents know from experience which home inspectors do a good, thorough job, and which ones should be avoided. As a home buyer, the choice is yours, but they can provide a list of recommendations. An agent should give you a choice of several home inspection companies to choose from. Under real estate rules and regulations in Arizona, an agent is not allowed to take a commission or kick-back from a home inspector, so you can usually trust their list of recommendations.
  2. Look for an inspector with great communications skills, both in your conversations with them and in their inspection reports. Make sure that an inspector can explain things in a way that you understand.
  3. When you talk to an inspection company, ask important questions about experience, such as: How long have they been in business and how many inspections have they performed?
  4. Check to make sure that the inspector is licensed and the license is current.
  5. Make sure they carry errors & omissions insurance to at least the state required level.

Advantage Inspection Service has been performing professional home inspections in the Phoenix area since 1988. They pride themselves on providing timely, accurate, and highly professional home inspection services.

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