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David Swartz of Advantage Inspection Services and John Cunningham from Coldwell Banker discuss several aspects of the termite inspection that the Advantage professional home inspectors can perform if requested during the home inspection process.

Termites can be a major problem for both old and new homes in Arizona and only a thorough inspection that covers all areas of a home will likely discover all of their likely hiding places. When undiscovered and unchecked, termites can do extensive damage to the structure of a home.

There is a saying that goes, “There are two types of homes in Arizona. Those that have had termites and those that will get them.” While this is said in jest because only a relatively small number of homes actually do get infested, the consequences of ignoring a possible termite infestation are financially enormous. That is why it pays to use a home inspection service that that can cover both the major areas of concern regarding construction issues and safety, as well as hidden issues such as termites.

Advantage Inspection Service has providing over 65,000 professional home inspections in Phoenix and the surrounding area since 1988.

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