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Phoenix’s local ABC15 news pulled off a sting operation intended to test the skills of five Phoenix home inspection companies. An older home with several major problems was used for the undercover investigation. The home’s problems included a bad roof, fatally and outdated electrical wiring, a broken rafter brace in the attic, plumbing issues throughout the house, as well as fire code and personal safety issues. Seven hidden cameras were used to record the work and the comments of the home inspectors. ABC investigator Joe Ducey delivers the results of the investigation.

After the inspections were concluded, the home inspection reports filed by the five Phoenix area companies were reviewed by Randy West, president of the Arizona chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors and a member of the Enforcement Advisory Committee for Arizona’s Board of Technical Registration, the group that licenses home inspectors. After carefully reviewing the reports, Mr. West concluded that ,”Out of all five companies, Advantage came out on top.” He also added, “The better they were with complying with the standards of practice, the better they were in their overall report.”

No one wants to buy a home with major problems that are not discovered until after the sale. A proper home inspection from a professional company, such as Advantage Inspection Service, can make a major difference when you are purchasing a home.

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