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The hit show on A&E called Hoarders comes to mind when you look at this picture.  This is the inside of a natural gas swimming pool heater that is filled to the brim with debris.  Make that “combustible debris.”  Pack rats make bad house guests.

Home inspectors in Phoenix see some amazing things while on the job.  If the home inspector flips that switch at the top without looking inside, he or she will get quite a show as the fire progresses.  As a homeowner, you may not notice activity going on inside the swimming pool heater.  You would, however, notice the intense fire created once the unit is activated.

This reminds us to be observant when we invade the environment with houses.  Of course the wildlife was there first and they may not be interested in moving away.  They may decide to adapt to your new residence.  Phoenix home inspectors need to remain on the lookout for signs of wildlife. Especially in outlying locations, we might see: deer, bobcat, javelina, mountain lion, black bear, mice, rattlesnakes, bees, wasps, birds of all kinds, scorpions, an assortment of spiders and of course pack rats.

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