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Phoenix Home Inspector Advisory

Property owners should be advised of potential concerns regarding exterior wood siding. If the exterior siding is showing signs of warping, cracking, rotting, deterioration, or is not holding paint it may be defective. A class action lawsuit has been settled to address the problem siding claims. Numerous manufacturers have some participation in the claim process. To determine the siding manufacturer you will have to get a look at the backside of the siding. In some cases you can see the backside of the siding in the garage. You can also check with the builder or ask neighbors with similar siding. In some cases, a panel may have to be removed in order to determine the manufacturer. Participating siding manufacturers may include: Weyerhaeuser ABTCO/Abitibi-Price ABT Canada/Canexel Boise Cascade Temple-Inland Masonite Georgia-Pacific Georgia-Pacific Fairfax-Sturbridge Champion Louisiana-Pacific Jefferson Smurfit Stimson Celotex Omniwood/Woodruf MacMillan Bloedel Macmill

Costs for defective siding replacement can be high. Property owners are encouraged to research the issue further to confirm coverage for any valid claims.

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