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Water Heater TPR Valve Information

The TPR Valve is a safety valve that releases water (and thus relieves ressure) if either the temperature or pressure in the water heater tank gets too high. These valves are very important. Water heaters can become bombs x

What if the TPR Valve starts leaking? Your TPR valve may suddenly start leaking. As the valves get older they sometimes begin to leak. Once the valve begins a slow leak it builds up deposits in the valve that begin to interfere with it closing. There’s a lever on the valve that lets you open it deliberately. Some plumbers advise that you open the TPR valve with the lever periodically to be sure it’s working properly. In our experience, if you open an older valve it’s likely it will never close properly again – it will begin to leak when it wasn’t before. A TPR valve replacement is not typically an expensive project.

Note: If you also replace the discharge tube, it must be made of a material that’s rated for both high temperature and pressure. This includes most rigid wall copper, iron and, in most places, chlorinated polyvinylchloride (CPVC plastic not regular PVC) pipe. The pipe size must match the opening size of the TPR valve discharge (usually ¾ inch). It must terminate 6″-12″ above the ground or floor, and the end cannot be threaded or have a fitting which permits connecting a plug or cap. Newer construction requirements demand that the discharge piping end terminate outside the building.

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