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A nationwide recall is underway of approximately 8.4 million Omega brand fire sprinklers manufactured since 1982 by Central Sprinkler Corp. and its subsidiary. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) alleges that Omegas are defective and could likely fail in a fire. This recall announcement follows resolution of the lawsuit relating to the failures.

CPSC has tested Omegas removed from various locations across the country and has found that, on average, between 30 and 40 percent of them failed to activate as they should. In some buildings, all Omegas failed to activate. CPSC is warning consumers that they are at risk of bodily injury or death and should have Omegas replaced as soon as possible. Properly functioning fire sprinklers save lives when a fire occurs. With the Omega sprinklers, this line of defense may not be there when it is needed most. Reports have been received of Omega sprinklers not functioning in 17 fires. At least four persons suffered injuries, including burns and smoke inhalation. Over $4.3 million in property damage has been reported.

The recall of the Omega sprinklers includes models referred to or marked as follows: C1 (or C-1) C1A (or C-1A) C-1A PRO (or C1-A PRO) C1-A PRO QR EC-20 EC-20A R-1 R1A R-1M Flow Control (FC, Flow Control-FC) Protector-M or M Protector (Upright, Pendent, Sidewall, Sidewall EC) HEC-12 EC-12 RES HEC-12 EC HEC-12 EC PRO HEC-12 ID HEC-12 PRO HEC-12 PRO QR HEC-20 Prohibitor QR and AC

Although Central Sprinkler will no longer accept Omega claims under the Recall/Settlement program, and Omega owners are no longer eligible to receive benefits from Central Sprinkler under the program, Central Sprinkler and the CPSC nonetheless encourage owners of Omega sprinklers to have their sprinklers replaced. Consumers are urged to see the website for help in identifying Omega sprinklers.

You can cross-reference the above listing of designations with the installed sprinklers. Many times an extra head is available at the fire line riser area (usually located in the garage). Scottsdale home inspections are discovering the R-1M heads most frequently in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Feel free to print, copy and distribute this notice.

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