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Phoenix Home Inspection Tips

As Phoenix home inspectors we find that, by far, the biggest problem with wasted energy comes from duct leakage. Here is the statistical data:

  • Heating & cooling costs amount to approximately 50% of your total energy bill.
  • On average, ducts leak 30% of the conditioned air to the outside of the structure.
  • Repairs made to duct systems usually pay for themselves within 1 to 2 years.

Leaks in supply ductwork result in conditioned air being pumped into the attic. Leaks in return ductwork are worse, resulting in hot air being sucked in along with dust, mold spores and insulation fibers. Finally, duct leaks create building pressure problems that worsen the effects of energy loss.

A Phoenix home inspection will not include detailed analysis of the duct system but performance testing is available. Duct leakage testing using a blower door and pressure pans is the best way to determine exactly where and how much duct leakage exists. Using the same test following repairs ensures that corrections made will result in lower energy costs, increased comfort and reduction of contaminants.

Repair of duct leakage is the most efficient way to lower your energy costs. Send us an email by clicking on the link to the left and we will refer you to the local experts.

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