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I know it is tempting to work with a “handyman” when repairs are needed on a home. Or perhaps the seller or their Uncle Bob can do the work. Bad plan! When any specialized work is performed on a building it is highly recommended that you work with only state-licensed contractors. Why? The Arizona Registrar of Contractors, through licensing, provides some very important safeguards for the consumer.

State licensed contractors must undergo testing and meet standards that would not be required of unlicensed trades people. The Registrar has minimum workmanship standards, offers dispute resolution services, and a Recovery Fund is provided by law to be a source of funding should a contractor damage the public. If non-licensed trades people are hired none of these benefits are available through the Registrar. Simply because a contractor is licensed does not necessarily mean they are competent, however it does increase your odds. The Registrar’s office can be an invaluable source of leverage should the licensed contractor turn out to be less than skilled.

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors has a terrific web site where you can easily check the business status and complaints filed against a licensed contractor: Check it out here (you can also call them at 602-542-1525).

Advantage Inspection Service offers professional home inspections for Arizona homes in the Phoenix metro area.

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