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Over the years we have all seen, or maybe even written, real estate ads with phrases designed to get attention. Ads with “Plumbing Recently Replaced”, “New Roof”, “Totally Renovated” grab our attention when shopping for a home. Terms like these can help sell a home, but they can also come back to haunt you. Let me expand on the listed examples:

“Plumbing Recently Replaced”
Eager sellers and salespeople often describe plumbing replacement work improperly. Plumbing Recently Replaced could mean replacement of the fixtures only – things may look new but the real concern is in the supply and waste piping condition. Is the supply piping copper, galvanized steel or plastic? Has all or part of the piping actually been replaced? One common technique for replacement of deteriorated galvanized steel piping with copper is to replace the horizontal runs in the attic first. At some later date the intent is to replace the vertical sections in the walls. Sellers and salespeople routinely claim that the supply piping has been replaced when, in fact, only half of the supply piping has been replaced. Then come the leaks . . .

“New Roof”
The term new is the first problem with this phrase, better is to give an age or date of replacement. Has the entire roof been replaced or just a portion? Did a licensed contractor as evidenced by a receipt do the work? In some cases the term “New Roof” is nothing to brag about because Uncle Bob put it on with his friends during a weekend filled with lots-o-beer and pizza. The new roof being touted may require a complete tear-off and replacement, by someone with actual competency, in order to be considered a reliable roof.

“Totally Renovated”
Here is a phrase that means something different to everyone. To me “Totally Renovated” means that every part of the house that shows wear has been replaced. I would be upset to find out that the roof is really ten years old, the heating and cooling system is eight years old, etc. on a house that was claimed to be totally renovated. Even though the middle-aged systems may not require replacement, it is misleading to use such broad descriptions of condition.There are many more expressions that cause confusion. You can likely think of others. Use of overly broad statements regarding property condition keeps real estate lawyers in business. Be careful! A home inspection can provide protection on the important issues regarding property condition and the extent of repair work or renovation. Without an inspection, everyone involved in the real estate transaction is at risk.

Advantage Inspection Service offers thorough Arizona home inspections for homes throughout the Phoenix area, including Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler, Surprise, Peoria and other cities.

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