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We appreciate your interest in our company. Advantage Inspection Service, Inc. was established as an Arizona company in 1988 with a commitment to providing timely, accurate, and highly professional inspection services. Since then we have performed tens of thousands of re-sale and new home inspections, luxury properties, apartment complexes, and commercial projects in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our inspectors are engaged in continuous education to keep up with local trends and construction methods.

Re-Sale Property Inspections From the date a structure is completed it progresses through a process of continuous deterioration. Mistakes made during initial construction become significant as a structure advances in age. Initial construction quality and owner maintenance procedures determine overall condition of the re-sale property. Re-sale buildings may have defects relative to major components such as the electrical, roof, and plumbing systems. The Advantage Inspection Service inspector is able to inspect the property with knowledge of common system failure rates and emphasis on major defects. We can set your client at ease with disclosure put in perspective.

New Property Inspections The process of building a structure is a complex endeavor involving many specialized trades and materials. The general contractor oversees all activities while placing trust in the individual sub-contractors for day-to-day oversight. It may seem that with the various levels of supervision, including code inspections, mistakes during construction are non-existent. This is not the case. As long as humans are involved in the construction process there will be defects in every house. Individual workers and sub-contractors come and go creating potential for significant errors. Code inspectors are overworked. Some tradesmen are under-skilled and others just don’t care about the quality of the finished product. The Advantage Inspection Service inspector works for the buyer to identify defects needing repair prior to closing. Don’t let your buyer move-in without us.

Scope: Unlike the code inspector an Advantage Inspector Service inspector will view the structure as a composite of inter-related systems and determine where problems exist or are likely to occur. Standards of the professional inspector are as specified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). The President of Advantage Inspection Service has served in leadership with Arizona ASHI and ASHI International. Feel free to call with any scope or ASHI® related questions.

Insurance: We want all of our customers to have peace of mind. Advantage Inspection Service carries comprehensive errors & omissions and general liability coverage. Realtors and Brokers that recommend our company are included within our policy as an additional insured. With so many years in business locally, clearly we stand behind our work.

Bottom Line: Every property purchased, either new or re-sale, represents a very significant investment. Having an independent inspection performed is the prudent thing to do. We are the “Professionals Choice” for Phoenix home inspection services. Call (602) 864-8331 Today!

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