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Some days are more interesting than others when performing a Phoenix home inspection. Electrical panels are always potentially dangerous, however, the panel shown above takes “dangerous” to a whole new level.

This is how we found the panel arrangement at the meter area. The occupant had used automotive jumper cables from the overhead service entrance directly to the panel in order to get free electricity. Since the connection goes from the incoming wire directly into the panel, it bypasses the meter. The configuration was removable so that it could be taken off prior to having the meter read by the utility company. Unfortunately, they forgot to remove it for our inspection. The utility company could not have been happier that we discovered this condition.

Perhaps the occupant was spared from being featured on the hit show “1,000 Ways to Die” by having a home inspection performed that day. It is very rare that we are surprised doing a home inspection in Phoenix, but this is shocking!

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