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This Phoenix home inspection video tip shows you how to replace a refrigerator water filter. If your refrigerator dispenses cold water or has an ice maker, it will have a water line that may include a filter. Not all refrigerators have a filter, but if yours does, it will need to be replaced periodically. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the water filter every six months or whenever water flow starts to become restricted. Some refrigerators have an indicator light that tells when to replace the filter, while others do not. Check the user manual for your refrigerator to find out if yours has an indicator.

There are several different types of refrigerator filters. Check the user manual that came with your refrigerator. Make sure you get the exact same type as the manufacturer recommends. That will usually be a filter manufactured under the same brand as your refrigerator. Check the part number to make sue you purchase the correct filter.

Newer refrigerators utilize easy-to-replace filters as shown in the video. An older refrigerator may have a cartridge built into the water line in the back of the refrigerator. The following steps apply to newer models with filters accessible from the front of the refrigerator.

Steps To Replace a Refrigerator Filter

  1. Check the user manual that came with your refrigerator to find out where the filter is located.
  2. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for replacing the filter. These instruction may be different for different refrigerator models.
  3. If your refrigerator has a water dispenser, run the dispenser for two minutes after replacing the filter to clear air from the lines. Water may spurt out when you start the dispenser
  4. If your refrigerator has a water filter indicator light, follow the instructions in the user manual to reset the light.
  5. Most filters come with a tag so you can document the date when the filter was replaced. Make sure that you mark the date and install the tag where recommended.

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