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It’s easy to repair small holes in drywall. Most of these holes types of holes are made from nails or screws used to hang objects on the wall, but can also be dents and dings that accumulate over time, especially if you have children. We will show you how easy it is to repair a small drywall hole in this do-it-yourself video.

As the video shows, the difference between a small hole and a larger hole that requires a more complex repair process depends upon the diameter of the hole. If you can stick your thumb into the hole, the hole is medium sized and requires the use of a patch. For holes requiring a patch, see our How To Repair a Medium Drywall Hole video.

Tools & Materials Needed

  • Wide spackle knife or putty knife.
  • Spackling compound or drywall joint compound.
  • Sanding material. A fine grit sanding block or sanding sponge works best.
  • Matching paint to cover the repair.

Steps To Repair a Small Drywall Hole

  1. Remove any screws or nails from the hole.
  2. Scrape or sand off any loose material around the hole.
  3. Press the spackling compound into the hole with the putty knife. The idea is to fill the hole, and not just the surface of the hole. Allow the spackling compound to dry. Gently sand the hole using a sanding block or sanding sponge. If you can feel an indent with your fingertip, apply another coat of spackling compound. When it’s dry, sand and test it again.
  4. Let the spackling compound cure according to the instructions on the package. That’s typically 24 hours.
  5. Touch up the hole with matching paint. Small holes can be touched up by dabbing the area with a brush. Larger holes or sanding areas may require the use of a paint roller. Make sure that the paint covers the area slightly beyond the sanded area, or it will not match.

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