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This series of household repair tips and tricks videos shows you some of the best tips from the Phoenix home inspectors at Advantage Inspection Service. Watch the video to see how you could save time and money by learning a new and possibly more efficient way of doing things. Wheter you are repairing a house that you plan to live in for a while, or one that you plan to sell, these tips may be handy.

Repair Tips Covered in This Video

It’s hard to tell the difference among similar-looking keys. One way to distinguish each key is to use colored finger nail polish or enamel paint to color-code the keys for easy identification. Paint the grip portion of the key only, never the blade or shank part that fits into the lock. If the keys are designed for padlocks, adding a corresponding color dot to the bottom or side of the lock helps to make it easier to match a key to its lock.

You can get a better bite on a stripped screw-head if you place a rubber band between the screw and the screwdriver. Press firmly with the screwdriver to fill any gaps in the screw-head that may be causing the screwdriver to slip.

Don’t you hate the mess on the floor from plaster dust that’s created when drilling a hole in drywall? You can avoid the mess by folding a sticky note as shown in the video to catch the dust and debris. Place it just below the spot where you plan to drill. It you get too far away, it won’t catch all of the dust.

Store your household cleaning products in a shoe organizer rack that’s designed to attach to a door. Place the rack on the inside of a closet door to keep the products hidden away and easy to reach.

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