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Advantage Inspection Service provides new home in-progress inspections, new home final inspections and also Builder Warranty Inspections.

  • Business Reputation and Experience. We have been performing new home inspections locally for decades. This fact brings peace-of-mind in a profession filled with under-performing practitioners. A home is an expensive investment; protect yourself while you are near the end of your builder warranty. We have specialists with extensive backgrounds in new home construction.
  • Last Chance to Protect Yourself.Many of the systems and components in a new home are warranted for the first year only. Smart homebuyers have a professional inspection performed at the 10th to 12th month of ownership in order to develop a list of issues needing repair before the warranty expires. If you miss this opportunity, the expense to fix these items later will fall on you and your bank account.
  • Think Ahead. Some of our saddest times as Phoenix area home inspectors is when we inspect the home years later when the home is being sold and find items that should have been discovered in the first year. At that point the seller has to pay extensively to repair these items and endure the frustration of not having shielded themselves with a Builder Warranty Inspection.
  • Crazy Talk. Would you believe that municipal code inspectors do not even inspect the roof or attic during their superficial inspections? You want a professional inspector to look over the entire house carefully. Protecting yourself is the name of the game.
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